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并在必要时寻求专业建议。 The analysis in this article is provided for information onlyand is not and should not be construed as an offer to sell or thesolicitation of an offer to buy any security. To the extent thatthis material discusses


The analysis in this article is provided for information onlyand is not and should not be construed as an offer to sell or thesolicitation of an offer to buy any security. To the extent thatthis material discusses general market activity, industry or sectortrends or other broad-based economic or political conditions, itshould not be construed as research or investment advice. To theextent that it includes references to specific securities,commodities, currencies, or other instruments, those references donot constitute a recommendation by IB to buy, sell or hold suchinvestments. This material does not and is not intended to takeinto account the particular financial conditions, investmentobjectives or requirements of individual customers. Before actingon this material, you should consider whether it is suitable foryour particular circumstances and, as necessary, seek professionaladvice.




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While the Weibo Celebrity phenomenon has seen a number ofdistinct beneficiaries – from international brands like Maybelline,to individuals like Eve, and certainly social networks like Weibo–perhaps the greatest beneficiary of the phenomenon are governmentpolicies. China’s 13th Five Year Plan serves as the blue print forthe direction and development of Chinese society, it states twomajor goals that are handily served by Weibo Celebrities: increasedurbanization and domestic consumption. The ideal urban lifestyleportrayed by Weibo Celebrities captures the imagination of Chinesesocial media users outside of major cities, it defines theiraspirations and teaches them which products to buy. In the end,Weibo Celebrities’ influence may extend beyond fashion andadvertising into shaping the future of their culture.

As the Weibo Celebrities gain traction, more traditionaladvertisers have taken notice and begun incorporating KOLs intotraditional marketing strategies. For example, in April 2016 the USbased cosmetic company Maybelline* hired Weibo Celebrities to do alive broadcast on the platform Inke to promote a new productlaunch. First, the Chinese A-list actor Angelababy (who recentlymade her Hollywood debut with a lead role in Independence DayResurgence) posted a backstage makeup tutorial usingsoon-to-be-released Maybelline products to her Weibo account.Angelababy’s Weibo post drove 2 million visitors to Maybelline’spage within 30 minutes13. Next, during the official product launchparty 50 KOLs simultaneously live broadcasted the event. Each KOLincluded a shopping cart tab on their livestream page whichredirected to Alibaba’s business-to-consumer platform Tmall whereMaybelline’s products could be purchased. The strategy was a majorsuccess, within two hours Maybelline sold 10,000 units oflipstick12.

On Singles Day 2016 (November 11) Eve posted a selfie on Weibosporting a Jupe Vendue pink puffer coat with a corresponding linkto buy the coat on her Taobao store. Within ten days of her postshe accumulated 19,286 orders for the coat at $159 each (1099RMB)10. Eve’s ability to translate her social media following tosales through her Taobao store has been extremely lucrative, herannual income has been reported to be as high as $46 million11. Areport released last May from CBNData, a strategic data platformbacked by Alibaba, evaluated the Weibo Celebrities sales value onE-Commerce platforms at around $8.4 billion12.

Zhang Dayi, who goes by the English name Eve, is an excellentrepresentative of the Weibo Celebrity phenomenon. Compared to GigiHadid, an international fashion model and western approximation ofa Weibo Celebrity, Eve has 4.8 million fans on Weibo8 while Gigionly has 3.8 million twitter followers9. Beside number offollowers, there is another key distinction between Gigi and Eve.While Gigi promotes designer names like Tommy Hilfiger, Eve hascreated her own brand called Jupe Vendue*. Because Eve lives inChina she is easily able to partner with the countless smallclothing factories in Fujian and Zhejian province, who supply herwith high quality products at a low cost.

Weibo (WB: US) was one of the best performing China internetstocks in 2016 with a 208% increase in stock price from 12/31/2015to 12/30/. Profit from advertising in the third quarter (Q3)2016 surpassed $1 billion RMB for the first time reaching ¥1.05billion RMB ($151 million USD)6. The number of monthly active usersalso grew reaching 297 million6. Weibo still has room to grow asits user penetration is only 62% of its major competitor WeChat7.One thing is clear Weibo and its Weibo Celebrities have a verylucrative relationship.

The most successful Weibo Celebrities use social media to directtheir followers to their TaoBao store. TaoBao is an onlineconsumer-to-consumer storefront owned by Alibaba3 similar to eBay*or Etsy*. Weibo Celebrities sell everything from the clothing theywear to the home accessories featured in their selfies. This formof selling products through social media has grown into one of thehottest industries in China. For now, Weibo is at the center of thephenomenon, but the trend is quickly spreading to competing socialmedia platforms like WeChat, a real time chat tool developed byTencent4.

Weibo Celebrities inhabit a space similar to those Westerncelebrities who are “famous for being famous.” Fans follow theirfavorite Weibo Celebrity as they live idealized lifestyles: postingtheir travels abroad, fancy meals at restaurants, and the clothingthey use to express their individual style. Beyond posting images,they also host live broadcasts on video streaming platforms likeYY2 and Inke*. This online presence alone has been enough tocaptivate a huge amount of followers and turn Weibo Celebritiesinto a new advertising channel known in the industry as Key OpinionLeaders (KOL), a non-traditional celebrity icon able to influencethe taste and behavior of millions of loyal followers.

These social media influencers are called “Weibo Celebrities”because they rose to prominence on Weibo1, a leading social medianetwork in China. Weibo is best described as a blend of Facebookand Twitter. Much like those platforms, Weibo accounts are full ofselfies and graphics personalized by each user.

Mobile internet has changed the way consumers make purchasingdecisions. Television ads and celebrity endorsements must nowcompete with social media for spreading brand awareness. A powerfulgroup of tech savvy, entrepreneurial, and predominantly femaleinfluencers have emerged as China’s new tastemakers on socialmedia, and they are equally as adored by their fans as they are bymajor brands.

Inside The Billion Dollar Industry Of China's Most FamousSocial Media Celebrities

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1. 微博,yy直播30分钟视频直播。微博名人的影响可能从时尚和广告业拓展至改变未来文化之中。



Angelababy的微博帖子在30分钟13内推动2百万关注者访问美宝莲页面。之后,你知道yy直播30分钟视频直播。中国A类演员Angelababy(她最近在电影独立日回归中扮演主要角色完成其好莱坞首秀) 通过在其微博账户中使用即将推出的美宝莲产品,yy直播30分钟视频直播。美国化妆品公司美宝莲雇佣微博名人在Inke平台直播以推广新产品。首先,2016年4月,更多传统广告客户已经有所察觉并开始将KOL纳入到传统营销策略中。例如,6房间视频直播间。评估微博名人在电商平台的销售额约为84亿美元12。









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